• Martha McSally has continuously voted for amnesty throughout her career.
  • McSally refuses to take the necessary measures to protect our country from drugs and illegal immigration.
  • McSally refused to publicly endorse Trump during the 2016 election and has fought against his agenda since the President was elected.
  • McSally is more concerned with her campaign than the "America First" agenda.
  • When it comes to spending, Martha McSally has constantly voted for debt increases.
  • Martha has consistently voted to fund Planned Parenthood throughout her time in Congress.
  • McSally is not a true conservative. She maintains an F-rating at the Conservative Review — a score even worse than "Fake" Jeff Flake and John McCain!

  • Martha McSally voted 11 times in favor of amnesty, including against the King Amendment to FY17 defense spending and against the Gosar amendment in 2016.
  • McSally did not support a border wall just last year, mere months before she announced her candidacy.
  • McSally refused to endorse Trump in the 2016 election, saying that he was a “politician,” that his way of speaking was “just not how leaders carry themselves,” and implying that his style of problem-solving was like “a WWF tournament” — she also wouldn’t commit to voting for him, saying that she would evaluate his character before Election Day.
  • McSally said tackling federal debt and deficit spending was her “number one concern,” yet said she was “proud” of voting for the massive $1.3 trillion omnibus in early 2018.
  • Martha McSally was the only member of the Arizona congressional delegation who voted for $500 million in funding for Planned Parenthood in March 2018.
Before Senate Campaign After Senate Campaign
McSally on Trump: That's "just not how leaders carry themselves." McSally on Trump: “Like our president, I’m tired of PC politicians and their BS excuses.”
McSally on working with Trump: Complained that President Donald Trump and his tweets were creating troubling "distractions" and "it's basically being taken out on me. Any Republican member of Congress, you are going down with the ship." McSally on working with Trump: “Sure, absolutely, I have a great relationship with the president.”
McSally on increasing federal debt: "Debt is my number one concern. We cannot continue to spend more than we bring in. It's a national security issue. It's a national prestige issue. Our future depends upon reeling in this debt, and so we have got to ensure that we stop spending more than we bring in, and we have got to not hand the next generations the incredible debt that we're seeing going on in Europe right now.” McSally on increasing federal debt: “I am proud to support” the 1.3 trillion omnibus bill – which gives Planned Parenthood $500 million dollars for abortion and liberal activism, provides no funding for President Trump’s border wall, fails to defund sanctuary cities, and fully funds Obamacare.
McSally on building the wall: "Not a continuous, 2,000-mile border wall, no." McSally on building the wall: "I have always supported building a wall."
Martha McSally has a long history of flip-flopping on the issues. She's everything that is wrong with the broken system that is Washington, D.C. McSally is not afraid to sell out her own beliefs for political expediency — whether it's her refusal to back Trump and now touting his successes as her own, or her "change of heart" on immigration and border security and her constant support of bloated government budgets and unprecedented debt. We don't need another fake "conservative" in office, it's time to send McFake packing.

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